Monday, September 26, 2011

I knew if I left that Halloween background up, it would eventually be good again ;)

Hey there! 

How've you been?

Me, I've been good.  I only GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya, that's right :)  I am officially DR. Skogen and Scott is officially relieved!

Whew, I thought it would never happen but I buckled down and spent the last year writing, re-writing, formatting, defending, and publishing my dissertation.  It's about a really awesome cellist, Laszlo Varga, and his multi-cello ensemble writing.

The official title is:
The Multi-Cello Ensemble Writing of Laszlo Varga: A Study of His Arrangements for Multi-Cello Ensemble of the Adagio con Variazione for Cello and Orchestra by Ottorino Respighi. 

did I sound nerdy enough? Good :)

Anyways, since it is done, we have been up to some really cool things, including starting paperwork for adoption!  Scott and I are excited to announce that we are going to adopt! So if you know anyone that is looking for a great adoptive couple, please tell them about us.  We have lots of love to give and it is about time we had our own child to spoil (no worries to all of our nieces and nephews we will of course still spoil you-it is too much fun!)

With that, we will be updating this blog and starting a separate blog specifically focused on our adoption process/journey/adventure...I like adventure, let's go with that.  We are busy working on it now, with the help of Scott's sweet sister
We also won a credit to this great blog designer who will use her talents to make it amazing!  How cool is that?!!

So please spread the word and check back as we update you on the cool things we have been up to and as we get our adoption adventure blog going.

P.S.  Can I say how happy I am that it is time for pumpkins again!