Thursday, June 26, 2008

10 years later!

Wow! I decide to start a blog, get you all reading, and then leave you hanging for 5 weeks, ouch! So sorry! Well, it's not that I don't love ya'll (yes that's right I said ya'll!) It has just been one of those crazy busy summers. We've had a few adventures, some going away parties, and I am feverishly working on my dissertation! The downside, no time to post, the upside, I have tons to blog about!
So, when I need a break after a long day of research and writing I will try to catch you up on all of our fun adventures!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Girls Camp!!

So for our friends and family we have a lot to blog about! We have been busy and have made sure to take lots of pictures and notes on our activities for you. Only problem is that Meaghan has to go to Girls Camp tomorrow so the posts won't go up until Friday.

Wish her luck at camp. Actually one of the girls mom who went last year gave her a great gift for camp; a shirt that says "I Don't Do Drama" so true, so true. Thanks!!!

Until Friday - then the posting party begins!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Just a note to our three dads, (yes I said three, Scott has two! I just love it!) We love you and hope you have a great Father's Day! Thank you for all that you have done for Scott and I over the years, we love your support, friendship, and visits! :D Basically, you rock! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the celebration of you! (and the fact that you have us as kids! hehe)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wilminton Day 2- Shopping!

After the beach we decided it was time to go shopping! By "we" of course I meant Heidi and I, the boys had no choice :)

So we drove into downtown Wilmington which is quite beautiful with all of the old buildings. There are even older cobblestone style streets from back in the day!

I just love this building, it is a restaurant and you can have your own private balcony to sit on, very scenic.

Scott needed some new sunglasses, his were older and scratched. So he found a really great pair at a new surf shop in town. He's just so handsome!

It was a hot day so we got some homemade ice cream at Kilwin's Ice Cream shop...mmm!

We saw a bridal party taking pictures against this wall, and let me tell you, it was quite striking! The contrast of the black and white of the party against the wall was amazing, I wish I got one while they were still lined up.

This is so true! I found this shirt in one of the stores, I guess there is truth in advertising!

If we ever move to Wilmington, here is where Scott will work!

They film a lot of tv and movies out here and we caught them in the middle of filming something! Doesn't matter if we are on the West coast or East, we can still find a movie set!

The boys got sick of shopping (I just don't understand) so they decided to go sightseeing. They explored an old battleship that is rumored to be worries they didn't see any ghosts but they loved the ship!

While they explored we shopped, and we were great at it! There are lots of fun stores; vintage stores with great finds, local artists with tons of talent, and just about anything else we would want!

After some shopping we practiced our photography. Here is Heidi taking pictures:

This is what she was photographing, apparently it is pretty famous in Wilmington, I'm not gonna lie, I really don't know why it is famous:)

One of the few places where you can watch the sun rise over the ocean in the east and set over the river in the west!

I just loved this boat it reminded me of the river boat at Disneyland! haha, I love Disneyland!

Heidi and I happy after all our shopping finds!

Scott and I have decided that we love Wilmington and need to go for another visit sometime soon! It was such a fun weekend. After dinner we hopped back in the car and headed home. Thanks to Heidi and Alex (and his parents) for a great weekend!

On a last note, a little piece of info on Wilmington: the cape is known as Cape Fear. Alex informed us that the level of the sea floor in the area changed quite often, sometimes deep sometimes shallow. It made it a dangerous place to sail in and many ships were shipwrecked here, so sailors became afraid of the area, hence Cape Fear. Cool huh!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wilmington Day 2- Relaxing on the Beach

On our Second (and last day) in Wilmington we decided to hit the Beach!!

Now I'm not gonna lie to you, I do not tan. I know, shocking right, I'm sure many of you had no idea! :) But don't worry, I've come to grips with this reality and took proper precautions, such as:

An Umbrella

Thank you Alex for setting it up

And of course sunscreen, which was applied librally. What spf you ask? Why 60 of course, we have to protect that gorgeous skin!

Scott making sure his farmer's tan stays in tact!

Heidi and Alex, can you tell they grew up here, look at those tans!

Scott and I
So there I sat, under an umbrella with 60 sunblock on, wearing a hat and a sundress, pretty much completely covered up. I am proud to say I only got a very little red:)

The Beach!!! Just as nice on the East Coast as the West!

The day was beautiful, a little humid but the wind picked up and kept things cool. I don't think we will ever get over how warm the water is out here (you know it is bad when people refer to the temperature of the water as "bath water!") Today was not so bad though, the water was just cold enough to cool down but not so cold that we couldn't enjoy it.
The boys spent the first two hours surfing on the worlds smallest waves, but they were oh so cute in the process! Heidi and I sat on the sand reading the second book from the Twilight series and catching up on our latest "The Hills" gossip.
For our last hour we all got in the water and had a great time. Each of us tried boogie boarding, Heidi and Alex caught some great waves. However the star of the day was Scott. At this point the waves finally picked up and we found out that Scott is a pro body surfer! Who knew!! He would ride every wave in and we couldn't quite keep up!
I think the beaches out here are so picturesque with the plants growing out of the sand and sand dunes everywhere. Here is an example:

Here I am at the end of the day, no tan but a whole lot of freckles! Got to love those Irish genes (thanks dad!)

(un-oh, no make-up, I should have warned you!)

Our time at the beach came to a close and we were ready to go shopping and sightseeing! (see next post)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wilmington Trip Day 1

This last weekend these West Coast kids spent the day on the East Coast beach!
We went to Wilmington NC for the weekend with our good friends Heidi and Alex McLeod who are both from there, so they were great tour guides!

We took off for the beach on Friday afternoon and settled in for the 3 hour car ride.

Of course everyone that knows Meaghan knows that most car trips are spent like this:

I'm not gonna lie, this trip was no exception!
What can I say, it makes the time pass by faster.
We decided to go out to eat at this really cool Thai-Vietnemese Restaurant called Indochine. Not only was the food great, the setting was even better. We ate indoors but there was also this really cool outdoor area with little huts that people can sit in and enjoy their food.
It reminds me of adventureland at Disneyland!

Heidi and Alex McLeod

Meaghan and Scott (who is freshly shaven for all who haven't seen that in a while! and I mean a while-he's so cute!)

They had a belly dancer! Check out those nails!
Heidi's laughing because the dancer stated that she realized the pictures people took of her would probably end up on the internet! If only she knew how right she was!

Alex's parents were so generous and let us stay with them for the weekend at their beautiful home! Mr. McLeod is an architect and designed their home, in fact you can see his work all over Wilmington!
I think I will have him design our next house!
They live right by the beach and even have a boat dock area by their house. Alex got us all to go on a midnight walk to the water and we had a ton of fun!

Scott and Alex looking in the water, what did they find?

A crab trap with a crab nearby!!

Meaghan and the boys on the dock

Heidi leading the way to show me one of her favorite beach houses

If you look closely you can see it, it is huge! 4 stories with an area on the roof to look out on the ocean. Heidi you buy this one and we'll move in next door, or visit a lot!

When we got back we decided to hit the sack since Saturday was going to be a full day of relaxing on the beach and shopping!

Here is a preview of the next post: