Saturday, May 31, 2008

100 Visitors!!

We are almost there, the countdown is on!!

Thank you all for visiting our blog, (we're grateful someone is looking! :)
The cool part is, if you look at the bottom of the page you will see how many visitors have seen the sight. As of this post it stands at 95....who will be #100???!!!

If you are the 100 visitor please leave a post saying so, maybe a prize or a really big Thank you is in order :D Love it!

Have fun!!! And now on to the beach for us...check back next week for posts about our weekend excursion to Wilmington NC! (please don't let me get sunburnt, please don't let me get sunburnt, please...)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Going Green

In an effort to leave a positive footprint on this earth, we have been trying to go green! Nothing huge mind you, just a little at a time whenever we can. For example: we want to change all of our lightbulbs to those really cool energy saving ones, however it would be way too expensive to change them all at once (and wasteful to get rid of ones that still work). So our solution is everytime a bulb burns out we replace it with an energy saving one; a little more affordable and earth friendly.

Also, one of our local grocery stores, Harris Teeter, offers some really cool cloth reusable shopping bags for 99 cents each. You buy one and bring it with you to the store each time you go shopping to help cut down on plastic bags used. We got one and love it! I went to the store yesterday and was able to put all of my groceries in the one bag (it would have filled 3 plastic bags!) On those days we have more than what the bag hold, we hang on to our plastic bags and repurpose them for other tasks.
BTW-anyone with dogs, we have a pile of these if you need them for you walks:) Just let us know.
A huge change for me, and a positive one at that, is a Brita pitcher! I love this thing. I am an avid water drinker, at least 8 glasses a day. The only problem is I hate the taste of our tap water, so I buy cases of 16 0z bottled water. I generally drink 4 of these bottles a day and go through a case a week. This adds up to a lot of waste. To make matters worse, our city does not yet offer recycling services, just trash pick up, so these bottles are being put in the trash and not recycled. Ugh. :( In an effort to stop this, we went out and bought a Brita pitcher that holds up to 10 glasses of water. We love it!! I figure after 6 weeks it has paid itself off, compared to what bottled water would have cost. So not only is it helping to save the environment, it is saving us money. If you notice in the picture it is green, I love that!
Anyways, we are trying, we're not perfect, there is still much more to do but we figure any change is a good change. We'd love to hear your ideas for going Green!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones

Since it is Memorial Day, which means no work, we decided to go see the new Indiana Jones movie. We went with some friends and got there just in time to maneuver some decent seats before the theater got packed. This was not easy as one of our friends is a tall person magnet, no matter where they sat a tall person would sit right in front of them.
We saw it in an older theater in Burlington that I love! Due to it's age, there is no stadium seating, just the old school kind of seats all on one level. I love it for two reasons;
1. it is cheap $5.50 for a matinee (oh yes all you CA people I said that right)
2. for all you OC people, it reminds me of Cinemapolis, the coolest theater ever, that I grew up going to.

I must say this movie was great to watch! We are very much Indiana Jones fans and made sure to watch all three prior movies over the last few days in preparation. This one did not let us down, we went with no expectations, just wanting to be entertained and it did just that. A good fun escape movie, just the way we like it. I'm not going to say any more about it in case some of you have not seen it yet. Except to comment on some of the actors:

Harrison Ford-of course he was brilliant
Shia LeBouf- this kid has got chops, I see future potential if they possibly keep the series up
Cate Blanchet-what I love about her is that I didn't know it was her. She is one of a few actors who truly blend into each role. She was a classic Indy villain!
I was also excited to see the Janitor from Scrubs as an FBI agent and the dad from both Ugly Betty and the OC in a small role.

Go and see it and let us know what you thought about the latest adventures of Indy.
We have a blog!!

After lots of prodding and suggestions from our friends we are bravely starting a blog. We figure it is a great way for those that live far away to keep up with us and our busy schedules. And for those that live close by, it is a chance to catch up on anything you may have missed during Meaghan's endless hours of talking! (Oh you all know what I'm talking about!)

Here's hoping it's interesting :)