Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wilminton Day 2- Shopping!

After the beach we decided it was time to go shopping! By "we" of course I meant Heidi and I, the boys had no choice :)

So we drove into downtown Wilmington which is quite beautiful with all of the old buildings. There are even older cobblestone style streets from back in the day!

I just love this building, it is a restaurant and you can have your own private balcony to sit on, very scenic.

Scott needed some new sunglasses, his were older and scratched. So he found a really great pair at a new surf shop in town. He's just so handsome!

It was a hot day so we got some homemade ice cream at Kilwin's Ice Cream shop...mmm!

We saw a bridal party taking pictures against this wall, and let me tell you, it was quite striking! The contrast of the black and white of the party against the wall was amazing, I wish I got one while they were still lined up.

This is so true! I found this shirt in one of the stores, I guess there is truth in advertising!

If we ever move to Wilmington, here is where Scott will work!

They film a lot of tv and movies out here and we caught them in the middle of filming something! Doesn't matter if we are on the West coast or East, we can still find a movie set!

The boys got sick of shopping (I just don't understand) so they decided to go sightseeing. They explored an old battleship that is rumored to be haunted...no worries they didn't see any ghosts but they loved the ship!

While they explored we shopped, and we were great at it! There are lots of fun stores; vintage stores with great finds, local artists with tons of talent, and just about anything else we would want!

After some shopping we practiced our photography. Here is Heidi taking pictures:

This is what she was photographing, apparently it is pretty famous in Wilmington, I'm not gonna lie, I really don't know why it is famous:)

One of the few places where you can watch the sun rise over the ocean in the east and set over the river in the west!

I just loved this boat it reminded me of the river boat at Disneyland! haha, I love Disneyland!

Heidi and I happy after all our shopping finds!

Scott and I have decided that we love Wilmington and need to go for another visit sometime soon! It was such a fun weekend. After dinner we hopped back in the car and headed home. Thanks to Heidi and Alex (and his parents) for a great weekend!

On a last note, a little piece of info on Wilmington: the cape is known as Cape Fear. Alex informed us that the level of the sea floor in the area changed quite often, sometimes deep sometimes shallow. It made it a dangerous place to sail in and many ships were shipwrecked here, so sailors became afraid of the area, hence Cape Fear. Cool huh!


karen said...

I love shopping while on vacation - you have to bring back mementos, don't you? Sounds like a good time was had by all!

Shannon Nielsen said...

I hope you picked up 2 extra OC shirts for Katie & I!!! So is there a Hard Rock Cafe, Whilmington?? Remember our Hard Rock baby T's?!?!!!

Margie said...

I love the OC shirt! It looks like a cute town. Glad you had a fun trip.

Katie said...

Love all the pictures Meg! You look beautiful in the one where you're wearing the blue shirt! I also wish I had that shirt about Orange County girls. Shopping is so fun while on vacation!

Joey and Suzanne said...

That sunset picture is gorgeous! Have fun on the rest of your trip.

Anonymous said...
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