Friday, October 24, 2008

FIRE in the Frozen Fish section!

This is no joke folks. Little did I know that when I made a quick trip to the grocery store, it would be anything but ordinary! Here's what happened:

I was talking on the phone with my friend Gina, on my way home from work, when I decided to pick up a much needed item {cookie dough :)} at the grocery store.

I was paying careful attention to keeping up my conversation, while looking around the store for my much needed addiction, I mean purchase, when something caught me by surprise...


{at which point I ask, how do you like your fish; grilled, or charbroiled}

The fire was on the inside hinge of one of the glass doors. When I first saw it, it was about one foot in length, creeping north to the ceiling of the section. It must of been electrical since sparks were flying all around, inches from the Gordon Fisherman's fish display, poor Gordon.

Of course I would like to think cooler heads prevailed and that I calmly got the attention of the nearest worker, informed them of the fire, and quickly got out of the way while they put the fire out.

Unfortunately there was a witness to what really happened, Gina. Yes, my phone conversation came back to shed some light on the true order of events.

Here is how it really went down:

1. As I walked by the glass door I noticed the flame, however it was a little shocking to see, not really on the normal agenda of grocery shopping. Needless to say, I may have been in shock somewhat.

According to Gina I interrupted our conversation with the following:

and I quote

"Is that a fire?

That IS a fire?

That can't be a fire?

Is that really a fire?"

Yes I am embarrassed to admit, it took a while to sink in, disbelief was prevalent, and I may have said this all at a very loud volume.

2. Another costumer walked by with his son and heard my, ahem, crazy exclamation and confirmed that it was in fact a fire.

We decided to go for help, I ran one way, he the other. He found someone first. I on the other hand just looked crazy running around the store saying "There is a fire in the frozen fish section!"

3. Two workers came to the scene, only to experience the same shock that I had. They just stood and stared!

Thankfully the other customer had the calm head and ordered the workers to grab a fire extinguisher.

By this time the flames are now running the entire length of the door!

{Smoked Salmon anyone?}

When the worker came back with the extinguisher it was obvious he did not know what to do, so our calm other customer grabbed it from the boys hand, opened the door and sprayed. He then had to open the door next to it and repeat the process.

It worked! The fire was out!

Disaster averted!

As I sat and stared at the scene before me, trying hard not to breath in the copious amounts of smoke that had taken over that section, I realized this:

-I may not have been the one who was calm

-I was not the one who found a worker first

-I wasn't even the one who knew what to do

-I definitely didn't put the fire out saving all nearby from near disaster


I was the one who first saw the fire and drew attention to it, therefore...


The End


ZAC said...

That is a fabulous story!!!! I do believe most people would be in shock! I wish I could have been on the other end of the phone listening... :(

Linda said...

That is so funny! Good job Meaghan!

Darci said...

What craziness, but terribly funny. Was that other customer a fireman? He seemed to know what to do and how to do it. I don't even think I know how to use a fire extinguisher they don't really teach you that in school :)

ps to be a true blogger you would have had your camera with you and snapped some shots! hehe.

steph said...

That is CRAZY!!! Well written and entirely hilarious. What a waste of fish.

It also reminded me of my own fire story:

One time with a previous boyfriend we went to Lowes to buy a fire extinguisher. We came back to the car got in and when we did a falty wire shot out sparks and caught the grease and stuff on the engine on fire. He jumped of the truck, (I of course did the smart thing and stayed in the front seat dumbfounded and in shock.) HE used the fire extinguisher, checked the car which miraculously still ran. Then, we went back into Lowes to buy another fire extinguisher. It was crazy. He by the way, was a fireman.

Scott and Meaghan said...

haha, Steph that is a great story!

Darci I totally reached in my purse only to realize I did not have my camara there, believe me I will never leave home without it again!

Our Family said...

Hey so now I feel special- So I saw your list and my nme wasn't on there- I was a little sad but now I am happy!!! Shirlene

Heidi McLeod said...

yeah meaghan!!! funny funny

Katie said...

LOL! What a funny story :) You're such a bonehead, LOL! Wish you were on the phone with me at the time ;-)

Catie said...

hahahahahah. I loved it. Way to be. You have paid your debt to society by saving the local grocery store. ;D

Thomas and Gina said...

Meaghan, you are my hero! Ya'll, I was there (you know, on the phone), and she was BRAVE!

karen said...

You've resurfaced. And you've come back as a fire fighter, or grocery store saver, or fish stick toaster or something. Glad you didn't burn your fingers.

Shannon Nielsen said...

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! With your background music playing reading your fabulous story felt like a moment out of a Meg Ryan movie, or should I say "Meag"! That story rivals your pumpkin patch car accident story from last season!!

The Irwins said...

This is sooo funny! I enjoyed your blog. You and Scott are so cute! Just updated our blog. Feel free to take a look. Miss your mama. Haven't heard from her...Give a hug....RO

The Chunder Monkeys said...

Hey Scott and Meaghan! I found ya'll through Steph's blog! It's been fun catching up with you guys!!!! Sounds like you are having a good 'ol time! We live 8 hours from Disney now! :)

Love, Lenore and Dave

Scott and Meaghan said...

Ro, I will check it out. Talk about cute families, yours totally takes the cake :)

Lenore!!! I'm so glad to 'see' you on here! 8 hrs, girl tell me you've got a season pass now and go to Disneyland all the time!! I totally miss it! We miss you guys too.