Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog Surfing

Growing up in Southern California, I always wanted to learn how to surf. I just never had the opportunity to do so. However that dream is still there. One day I am going to learn. Hmmm, maybe a trip to Hawaii is in order to take some surf lessons ;)

Anyways, I have become very skilled at blog surfing. I start on a blog I like and then look at links they have to other interesting blogs, which in turn leads to more links and more interesting blogs. You get the picture.

While blog surfing off of Tip Junkie, I came across this great blog: The Pretty Neat Company

I am hooked! I love this blog. Why, because it is creative and the focus is on organization.

wait, before you laugh....

Yes, I am NOT organized

I am what you may call "organizationally challenged"

Well, to give myself some credit, let me say "selectively organized"

When it comes to work, I am very organized. When it comes to music, again, I am very organized. Even the folders on my laptop are organized. But that is it, the organizational buck stops here.

At home, I am a MESS! Yup, I can admit it, I am the least organized person I know when it comes to my house. My office: a pile of boxes and books {has great potential though}

It is not an unclean mess, I clean and scrub, I just clutter. Piles of paper, laundry, and projects abound. Granted each item has it's own organized pile - no dissertation papers in the sock pile ;)

I dream of a clutter free house, I aspire to have one, one day I will too - you all will see.

Until that day comes (after this last semester of school-finally) I put up with my piles, knowing the end is in site.

That is why I love this blog! The lady runs a company where she will come and organize a space for you. Even better, she will decorate the space as well!! Her site has all sorts of great tips and suggestions. She even shows examples of some of the houses she has worked on, as well as her own. If I could, I would fly her up to my little neck of the woods and hire her to give my house a complete organizational makeover!

Check out this post, where she describes how she organizes all the paperwork that comes into her house.

And look at this before and after for this clients room:



Amazing right! Give her blog a glance, and let me know, because I need the help, what are some great organization tips you have- I need them!


Disorganized in NC


Heidi McLeod said...

Yea my unorganized friend!!! It is okay because the end IS in sight! We should do a makeover with your office this summer. Give me a budget and I will go to town (not that I would be as good as your lover blog friend), but I will do my best!

Shannon Nielsen said...

So my trip out this summer...should we make it a makeover weekend?! We could not only pick a room or two...I'm thinking a beach themed basement or cosmopolitan living room...PLUS after all that hard work aren't we entitled to a little makeover ourselves? Thinking pedicure like old times, of course a nice lunch out & a massage for our sore muscles!

steph said...

ok we are going to ikea! It opens here in a couple more weeks. Come down we will shop and you know i will sooo help you. Decorating is my forte! (Ha, did you see how i threw the music term in there for you)

Case Family said...

Nice work, Megan. But, it looks like reinforcements are on the way. Good luck with the interior design layouts. Not my forte! =P (Brandon)

ZAC said...

I think both of those rooms are BEAUTIFUL! But the fact that they are the same room: WOW. I love your analogy of blog surfing. I very often feel just like that...! And your profile picture is ADORABLE. I can't believe that's you and then again, I can. You look fabulous.

Joey and Suzanne said...

That blog is awesome! I'm always looking for ways to be more organized. Thanks for sharing.

Scott and Meaghan said...

Suzanne- I'm glad you like it too! I can spend hours on it :)
Heidi, Shannon, and Stef, you are on!! We are having a girls week to organize and decorate, everyone is invited and you three must head it up cuz you all have talent in this field and I do not. haha. Love the beach theme, I actually saw the cutest sign that would work for it, made me think of Katie's sign.
Kristy and Zabel, I totally miss you both!! Glad to see you on here, come back often ;)

Katie Hatch said...

OH Meg, I'm totally with you! I so wish I was more organized! I'm so bad at it. LOL, I remember your room in high school, hehee. I dream of an organized house too :) When are we going to get our acts together? ;-)I do love labeled bins!

Katie Hatch said...

Oh my gosh, you'll have to check out my friend Emily Jackman's blog. She's on my sidebar under Puerto Rico Chicas. ANyway, she did a post about her sister's house. Her sister is EXTREMELY organized. I've never seen anything like it. You will love it!