Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello Again!

Well, it has been a long time since my last post.
And by long time of course I mean a year and a half ;)
I promise the time was not wasted, in the last year I've been to:
NYC (several times)
and my favorite trip ... Scotland!!
by the way Nessie is real and I've seen her!
I've been to one sisters wedding (Scotland) and am getting ready for another sisters wedding.
I've met Oprah!
It's true, she put her hand on Scott's shoulder and asked him how he was.
He was good :)
I've watched and photo stalked
Lauren Graham
Oliver Platt
Christopher Walken
Angela Lansbury
in several Broadway shows.
(no worries, the photos were at the backstage door afterwards, with the rest of the crazy fans...yes, I totally recognize I was one of them...but it was so much fun!)
My hard drive crashed and then my computer had to be rebuilt. Thank goodness for friends who are computer geniuses!
I've sorted through most every box, bag, and paper in the great housecleaning of 2010 in an effort to de-clutter.
are you sitting down for this one?...
I've been working on my DISSERTATION!!!
I know, even I didn't know if that one was going to happen. But it is happening and soon I will be done!! I can't wait!
For now I'm just glad to be back and hope you are too :)


Corinne said...

You have to post some pictures of all your adventures!! Miss you & love you <3

ZAC said...

YAY! You're back! I need to hear about Nessie. You sound like Wonder Woman with everything you've experienced. And anytime someone mentions de-clutter, I look around my office and start to sweat. WAY TO GO MEGS!!! Let us know when the dissertation is done!

Heidi McLeod said...

Oh my gosh. So I was reading my google reader and the blog It's a Wonderful World said there was a new post. I was like, "what the heck is this blog?!" Then I clicked, and lo and behold it was yours! I was SO excited for your post. I loved your summary and i can't believe it has been over a year. wow, that flew by huh? please post more often and now i will know whose wonderful blog is it's a wonderful world!!!

Thomas and Gina said...

How did I miss this??!! Yay, you're back! Can't wait to read more of your wonderful adventures!

Laura said...

Hey! I'm Laura your fall favorites partner. I have a private blog but if you send me your email address I will invite you in.
lauraastill at hotmail

Katie said...

I'm so glad to see that my face isn't the first thing you see on your blog anymore! Hahaa! Love all the updates :)

Scott and Meaghan said...

Thanks everyone, it is good to be back :)
Laura- Hi, it is great to 'meet' you. I sent an email but am not sure if it went through, if not, you can email me at scottandmeag at yahoo. :)

Shannon Nielsen said...

Loved reading this post, hearing your fun spunk come through loud & clear, & knowing that you're now DONE with the dissertation...time for a new blog post honey! ;-) Love you guys!