Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Favorite Gift Exchange

I participated in my first blogging gift exchange and it was fun!!
It was set up by Every Crafty Endeavor, who has a great blog full of cute craft ideas - go check her out.

We were each paired up and told to assemble a box of goodies that represent what we love most about Fall.

Oh my word, where to start?!? I love so many things!

Of course I had to start with PUMPKINS, as most of you know my obsession with them!

{an obsession that may or may not have resulted in a fender bender, because I may or may not have been distracted by the BEST pumpkin patch ever- that's all I'll say on that ;)}

What would the crisp cool days of Fall be with out a daily Hot Chocolate fix [read: addiction]

You know I had to include some hot chocolate in the box (the good kind too)

I had so much fun putting my box together. I shopped, I gathered, and I even crafted!!!

shocked ya a little on that one didn't I? yup I craft some cool stuff now; I've got some skillz

or at least I like to think I do ;)

My blogging swap partner was Laura who has the cutest family and some mad sewing skillz.

I will post what I sent after she has gotten it so that I don't spoil the surprise

No worries though because look what came in the mail today!!!

My box from Laura, and it is A-MAZ-ING!!!!!!!!

Check it out: I'm soooo excited!! What is inside?


Here it is all spread out, I just can't stop looking at it all!!

First she gave me the recipe and ingredients for some delicious s'mores bars.

If you have ever gone camping with me during Girls Camp then you know I LOVE s'mores!

I am excited to try this recipe out and think I will make it for our next game night with these cool people/fellow sugar addicts :)

I have a collection of Halloween socks and these will be perfect to add to it! I will wear them on the first day in October this Friday, what a perfect way to kick off a month of Halloween :)

And my FAVORITE item of them all: This Oh So cute Apron that Laura Made!!!!!!

Check out the adorable fabric!
Did you see the gorgeous ruffles!!
I love the Halloween theme!
And don't forget to notice the cute polka-dot pocket!!

I have already tried it on and it looks PERFECT!

I'm thinking I may have to wear this everyday, whether I am cooking or not.

Just sayin' you may come over to find me grading or practicing in this apron; a little dissertation writing in it even. I'm telling you it is sooooo cute it works for everything!! :)

I am in love!


Thank you for the beautiful gifts!! I appreciate them greatly and think you are quite talented at sewing!!

I can't wait to wear my socks and apron [I do have to grade later, it will be worn ;)] and can't wait to try out my new recipe!!

It has been fun getting to know you through your blog and I look forward to continue building a friendship :)

I hope you like your box too, though I'll warn you, my crafting skillz are no where near as cool as yours!

I hope you all enjoyed checking out the cool swap! What was your favorite item from the box?


Laura said...

ok, so I just barely sent out an email to you wondering/hoping you had gotten my package already. So, I'm a little late, but I'm glad you like it. I LOVE everything you sent, it was so much fun, the witch and burlap picture are sooo cute, I love purple!
Thanks again!

Heidi McLeod said...

awesome and fun idea!

scotland and stilettos said...

meag we need a new post. Your sister in Scotland wants to see pictures from your party!

Katie said...

How fun!!!! I've done a couple of trades with girls I've met through blogging and its so fun! I love the idea of making a box with everything you love about fall! Miss you Meg! Call me when you can....P.S This post reminded me of "It's home made!" LOL!!!

Shannon Nielsen said...

Cute idea! So in love with that apron, I want one!!! We love all your handmade gifts! You're such a good "Auntie!"