Monday, May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones

Since it is Memorial Day, which means no work, we decided to go see the new Indiana Jones movie. We went with some friends and got there just in time to maneuver some decent seats before the theater got packed. This was not easy as one of our friends is a tall person magnet, no matter where they sat a tall person would sit right in front of them.
We saw it in an older theater in Burlington that I love! Due to it's age, there is no stadium seating, just the old school kind of seats all on one level. I love it for two reasons;
1. it is cheap $5.50 for a matinee (oh yes all you CA people I said that right)
2. for all you OC people, it reminds me of Cinemapolis, the coolest theater ever, that I grew up going to.

I must say this movie was great to watch! We are very much Indiana Jones fans and made sure to watch all three prior movies over the last few days in preparation. This one did not let us down, we went with no expectations, just wanting to be entertained and it did just that. A good fun escape movie, just the way we like it. I'm not going to say any more about it in case some of you have not seen it yet. Except to comment on some of the actors:

Harrison Ford-of course he was brilliant
Shia LeBouf- this kid has got chops, I see future potential if they possibly keep the series up
Cate Blanchet-what I love about her is that I didn't know it was her. She is one of a few actors who truly blend into each role. She was a classic Indy villain!
I was also excited to see the Janitor from Scrubs as an FBI agent and the dad from both Ugly Betty and the OC in a small role.

Go and see it and let us know what you thought about the latest adventures of Indy.


Kayla said...

Meaghan! I am so excited you have a blog! I miss your family and wish you weren't all so far away. Sounds like you are doing well!

Nicki said...

Yay for joining the blog world! I love that you picked out the janitor ffrom SCRUBS... I too got a kick outta seeing that guy!

Meaghan said...

I know, I could barely hold in my excitement! I love the Scrubs episode where they refer to his role in the Fugitive :)

Katie said...

How fun! I love going to movies, and I miss Cinnemopolis as's nearly impossible going to movies these days, but luckily movies in PR are cheap, around $5 too :)

Daniel and Elizabeth said...

How are you! i was so excited when i saw you had written a comment! Yes, I highly recommend the wii fit-it's so addicting, you'll love it!