Thursday, May 29, 2008

Going Green

In an effort to leave a positive footprint on this earth, we have been trying to go green! Nothing huge mind you, just a little at a time whenever we can. For example: we want to change all of our lightbulbs to those really cool energy saving ones, however it would be way too expensive to change them all at once (and wasteful to get rid of ones that still work). So our solution is everytime a bulb burns out we replace it with an energy saving one; a little more affordable and earth friendly.

Also, one of our local grocery stores, Harris Teeter, offers some really cool cloth reusable shopping bags for 99 cents each. You buy one and bring it with you to the store each time you go shopping to help cut down on plastic bags used. We got one and love it! I went to the store yesterday and was able to put all of my groceries in the one bag (it would have filled 3 plastic bags!) On those days we have more than what the bag hold, we hang on to our plastic bags and repurpose them for other tasks.
BTW-anyone with dogs, we have a pile of these if you need them for you walks:) Just let us know.
A huge change for me, and a positive one at that, is a Brita pitcher! I love this thing. I am an avid water drinker, at least 8 glasses a day. The only problem is I hate the taste of our tap water, so I buy cases of 16 0z bottled water. I generally drink 4 of these bottles a day and go through a case a week. This adds up to a lot of waste. To make matters worse, our city does not yet offer recycling services, just trash pick up, so these bottles are being put in the trash and not recycled. Ugh. :( In an effort to stop this, we went out and bought a Brita pitcher that holds up to 10 glasses of water. We love it!! I figure after 6 weeks it has paid itself off, compared to what bottled water would have cost. So not only is it helping to save the environment, it is saving us money. If you notice in the picture it is green, I love that!
Anyways, we are trying, we're not perfect, there is still much more to do but we figure any change is a good change. We'd love to hear your ideas for going Green!


jbeany said...

I'm so glad you have a blog! Now I can keep up with all the Meaghaness I've been missing out on for so long. :)

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Katie said...

OK, your BRITA is so much cuter than mine! I've never seen a green one. Good girl for improving your life where you can!

Shannon Nielsen said...

When buying the flourescent bulbs try the GE Naturals @ Home Depot (best prices) & be sure to NOT get the Daylight type because you'll feel like you're living in a public restroom (we found out the hard way). There are also LED christmas lights which will save a bundle in the long run.