Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wilmington Trip Day 1

This last weekend these West Coast kids spent the day on the East Coast beach!
We went to Wilmington NC for the weekend with our good friends Heidi and Alex McLeod who are both from there, so they were great tour guides!

We took off for the beach on Friday afternoon and settled in for the 3 hour car ride.

Of course everyone that knows Meaghan knows that most car trips are spent like this:

I'm not gonna lie, this trip was no exception!
What can I say, it makes the time pass by faster.
We decided to go out to eat at this really cool Thai-Vietnemese Restaurant called Indochine. Not only was the food great, the setting was even better. We ate indoors but there was also this really cool outdoor area with little huts that people can sit in and enjoy their food.
It reminds me of adventureland at Disneyland!

Heidi and Alex McLeod

Meaghan and Scott (who is freshly shaven for all who haven't seen that in a while! and I mean a while-he's so cute!)

They had a belly dancer! Check out those nails!
Heidi's laughing because the dancer stated that she realized the pictures people took of her would probably end up on the internet! If only she knew how right she was!

Alex's parents were so generous and let us stay with them for the weekend at their beautiful home! Mr. McLeod is an architect and designed their home, in fact you can see his work all over Wilmington!
I think I will have him design our next house!
They live right by the beach and even have a boat dock area by their house. Alex got us all to go on a midnight walk to the water and we had a ton of fun!

Scott and Alex looking in the water, what did they find?

A crab trap with a crab nearby!!

Meaghan and the boys on the dock

Heidi leading the way to show me one of her favorite beach houses

If you look closely you can see it, it is huge! 4 stories with an area on the roof to look out on the ocean. Heidi you buy this one and we'll move in next door, or visit a lot!

When we got back we decided to hit the sack since Saturday was going to be a full day of relaxing on the beach and shopping!

Here is a preview of the next post:


Kristinlydia01 said...

I'm glad that you found our blog. Looks like your trip was lots of fun!!

Thomas and Gina said...

i love your super blonde hair! Great pictures - now I want to go to the beach.

Shannon Nielsen said...

But it's incomplete...where's the beach?!? Next post?? Love the picture of you and Scott (bet that white purse I got you goes good with that beautiful blue top you had on...) Your hair looks (as Lexi would say) "Gorgeous Auntie Meaghan" That restaurant looks unique. That house was everything an east coast beach house should be - just looking at these pictures was relaxing!!

Scott and Meaghan said...

Well I already found your east coast beach house too :) big enough for a family of 5 plus room to spare!!

Thanks about the hair!

Katie said...

I'm so glad you posted so many pictures! I love them! You look great, and I love that Thai place...looks like you had such a great weekend. What a beautiful house! Can't wait to see your next post :)

karen said...

Hi Meaghan -saw your blog on Katie's and couldn't resist having a peek! I started a blog too - you can link to it from Katie's if you want to see it. Leave me a comment if you do - I'd love to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

yEA!!! It was fun to re-live the trip! You made it full of anticipation! :)