Saturday, May 31, 2008

100 Visitors!!

We are almost there, the countdown is on!!

Thank you all for visiting our blog, (we're grateful someone is looking! :)
The cool part is, if you look at the bottom of the page you will see how many visitors have seen the sight. As of this post it stands at 95....who will be #100???!!!

If you are the 100 visitor please leave a post saying so, maybe a prize or a really big Thank you is in order :D Love it!

Have fun!!! And now on to the beach for us...check back next week for posts about our weekend excursion to Wilmington NC! (please don't let me get sunburnt, please don't let me get sunburnt, please...)


Katie said...

Yesterday when I checked I couldn't see the number counter at the bottom, but tonight I am number 119, so congrats on passing up 100! It was so great talking to you today, even though I had to cut our conversation short :(

Shannon Nielsen said...

OK so today I'm #128 and my birthday is on the 28th (of September but you always remember) so do I get something special?? WHERE ARE MY WHILMINGTON PHOTOS & UPDATES!?!?!